Sounder's Scratch - Washington State Lottery


Goal Dance

Don't Pull A Hammy

Hot Potato

These spots get me every time--absolutely hilarious. It was a ton of fun working on these with Lustre Studios and Cole & Weber. Great concepts by C&W, great direction by Matt Clark, and excellent execution by Lustre.

I was tasked with editing these pieces and color correction. I also modeled and textured the 3D soccer ball that the team animated in Hot Potato and Goal Dance. Crazy!

Ford: Hold Your Breath

Brief: The second spot for the "Get in on a Good Time" campaign. It was really hard choosing which of Jamie and Alex's performances to use for this one but I think we ended up with the funniest take.

Ford: Balloons

Brief: This spot is one of the first of many in the "Get in on a Good Time" campaign with the agency J. Walter Thompson, Team Detroit, and Lustre. These two improv actors/comedians flew up from LA and absolutely did an amazing job. It was a blast being on set and witnessing all the funny shit that wouldn't make it to the final edit. About a month was spent on casting, and Lustre and Team Detroit must have gone through hundreds of talent before they decided on these guys.

Red Lobster: Epic Moments

Brief: Another fun creative for Red Lobster with Lustre and Liquid Thread. This spot features EPIC MOMENTS speed ramped in slow motion. This was another fun one to edit, and played around with offsetting cuts around the speed ramping. The sound design by Jason Alberts adds so much to these pieces.

Red Lobster: Rituals

Brief: My latest editing gig for Red Lobster focused on the preparation before your meal arrives. It was fun to get down and dirty with some speed ramping and jump cuts to help tell the story. Lustre assembled an awesome team that killed it in production and helped lock down some future work with a new agency.  I also colored the spot, painting a more desaturated environment with heavy vignetting to sell the idea that this ritual is personal and intimate.

Palladian Hotel Teaser

Brief: This project was a blast to work on. Dystnct was contacted to produce a high-energy teaser video to promote the opening of a new Kimpton Hotel in Seattle, the Palladian Hotel. I was tasked heavily with the creative along with my business partner, Drew Hisey. I ended up directing the spot, and worked on post-production to create fast cuts, kinetic type, and shapes to aid the video.

Gary Busey Bloopers: Amazon Fire TV

Brief:  I was contacted by a post facility in Seattle, Lustre, to color correct a unique cut of Gary Busey's outtakes from the filming of the Amazon Fire TV commercial. Anything with Busey I have to oblige! This man is wild! I also hear he is surprisingly endearing and down to Earth.

Amazon Fire TV Commercial

Brief:  Amazon wanted a creative way to visualize their content streaming through a TV, so myself and a few other artists help make this a reality. We were provided design boards for the ideal direction, so I started creating and implementing a system to achieve the desired effect. It was fun to get a little loose with a well-established brand.

Papa Murphy's Jack-O-Lantern

Brief:  Papa Murphy's was looking to scare some kids this holiday season with a fun, monster-driven plot of unruly children with empty bellies throwing tantrums. I was fortunate enough to be pulled onto this project for color correction and some negative black and white effects. Tons of fun!

Port of Seattle: Clean Cities

Brief:  The Port of Seattle was working on their clean energy campaign and wanted a video to illustrate ways they are conserving energy. I was tapped by Spin Creative to create a type treatment that would be tracked into shots throughout the video to help deliver the message. It was a little weird seeing this video looping at the airport every time I traveled for over a couple years :D

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Commercial

Brief:  This was a huge campaign for Amazon to invite book-lovers to sit down and read a few pages from the Kindle Paperwhite. Capturing people's immediate reactions with hidden cameras, the results speak for themselves. It was great coloring footage that was shot all around the world and different parts of the US and a variety of cameras.

Tri-Digital Commercial

Brief:  Dystnct was contacted to create a story-driven brand video for Tri-Digital, a content capturing company in Seattle. I had a large hand in pre-production of this project, signed on as the Director, and completed screen comps and visual effects in post-production. 

Hungry Man: The Walk of Shame

Brief:  This was a really fun project for the Dystnct team, as we created this concept from the ground up, taking it from production to finishing in just under a week with an extremely small budget. Story can stand by itself.